Project Outline


Project Preparation

The initial steps in your landscaping design process is to identity your end goal or final results of your project. Visualize your ideas, whether it’s a picture of a project off the internet, from a magazine, or a rough sketch, have an idea of what you want it to look like.  Particular about colors, or plants, create a list of your favorites. Keep in mind what is priority and think about your budget for the entire project.

Project Consultation

Contact Innovative Landscapes to schedule a free estimate through the “Contact Us” section of our website.  Your designer will call and discuss your requested project & schedule a time to meet to go over your ideas and gather necessary measurements.

Project Recommendation Review

Upon design completion, you’ll meet with the designer to review your project, cover the materials, plants, and estimate for project completion. During the review, you will be able to ask any questions or request any changes to the design plan.

Project Approval & Sign Off

After reviewing and approving to move forward with your project design and estimate presented, you will sign off on a retainer agreement and a deposit will be collected prior to starting of the project. After receiving a copy of the agreement and deposit, your project will be scheduled.  Twenty percent (25%) of your estimated project is required to schedule the project, and twenty five (25%) will be due on the day of the start of the project.

Project Installation

All projects are completed by Innovative Landscapes, LLC and their crew. Any 3rd party contract work required you will be notified of prior to project start.  Any necessary pre-install work such as ordering of materials or plants, underground locating etc. will be completed days in advance of project start date.  All work can be completed without the presence of the homeowner.

Project Completion & Payment

After the completion of your project, the remaining balance of your invoice will be  due. Payment will be due in full and late fees will incur if balance is not paid in full per the retainer agreement.

Warranty & Maintenance

Innovative Landscapes, LLC stands behind our products and services. We also offer regular lawn care and landscape maintenance to suit your needs.

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